To identify and Rehabilitate the persons with Mental Retardation To undertake and participate in programmes pertaining to health, education, employment, and rehabilitation of the disabled To help the rural innocent people in all activities and make them to participate in all existing Government programmes through our societies activitiesTo initiate and encourage the education of women, children and disabled on question regarding their rights and duties  


PRAGATHI dedicated to serve the needs of persons with multiple disabilities.  .

Our objectives also include promotion of education, rural development, women and child health care, old age care, Environmental conservation, income generating programme, thrift and savings, micro financing and rehabilitation of homeless children and women in skill development activities, their sexual health care, girl child problems, destitute women, urban slum dwellers development through conscientious mobilization and programme building, prioritizing women at every juncture.

Our organization is formed by like-minded and committed social workers. It’s main aim is to serve and offer the necessary service to socially, economically and backward communities. Now PRAGATHI caters its activities in the villages and slums of Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh and is proud to say that with many programmes taken in the selected target areas would evoke the great awareness among the downtrodden